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    A New PQ Approach: High Precision PQ (a multi-threaded design)
      Basic Features

    • Periodic Sub-Query Thread:
        - Load Feature vectors from disc
        - Calculate similarity distance of each item wrt. queried item.
    • PQ Formation Thread:
        - Stop Periodic Sub-Query thread when timer kicks.
        - Sort items within periodic sub-query set.
        - Apply sub-query fusion to form next PSQ.
        - Release Periodic Sub-Query thread.
    • UI Thread:
        - Render next PSQ retrievals on screen.

      Advantages of PQ (vs Normal Query - NQ)

      • Reduced Retrieval Time (Faster Query Speed).
      • Independent from Min. System Requirements. (Memory & Speed)
      • Query Accessibility
      • Periodic Query Retrievals.
      • Query Browsing (Direct Access).
      • Query Stop Capability.
      • The probability to retrieve better (more relevant) results than the final outcome.
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Release Date: 01.03.2006
Last Update: 10.09.2013
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