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    New Features in MUVIS Xt (v1.8):
  • Extended Framework: Dynamic (Run-time) integration of FeX, AFeX, SEG and SBD modules.
  • H.264 (AVC) support: Real-time H.264 encoding, recording and database creation. You can convert any video file to H.264 format now.
  • 3gp compliant MP4 file creation for Mobile devices: You can convert your multimedia files into 3gp compliant MP4 (MPEG-4) file format.
  • Interactive Query over HCT: You can retrieve and see the (intermediate) query results whenever you want without wasting too much time.

    These are what you can mainly do with MUVIS Xt (New version 1.8 contains eXtended framework):
    • You can create MUVIS databases from your image, video and audio collections.
    • Or you can create Audio-Visual MUVIS databases in real time.
    • You can easily manage (extract visual/aural features, segmentation masks, SBD files, HCT Indexing, append/remove new clips, etc.) your MUVIS databases.
    • You can then search (query) for any multimedia item in a MUVIS database and retrieve the similar ones progressively (PQ), without waiting long query times.
    • Using the new browsing scheme,HCT Browsing, you can make a guided tour within a MUVIS database to access the items you are looking for.
    • For video clips, you can see a key-frame summary of a clip, then you can query a section (region of interest) of the video or perform further scene analysis.
    • You can record in real-time OR convert audio-video files to 3gp files with mobile friendly codecs. So you can then watch and access them via your mobile phone (see M-MUVIS for more info).

    Important Remarks :
    • MUVIS applications are designed and tested for 16, 24 & 32 bit screen resolution. 8 and 4 bit screen resolutions are not supported.
    • MUVIS applications are designed and tested for the following OS:
      Windows 9x
      Windows 2000
      Windows XP
      Windows ME
      So Windows 3.1 and Windows NT are not supported.
    • AVDatabase supports both WDM and DirectShow drivers for capturing. Default capturing mode is via DirectShow.
    • MBrowser is a static application. So it can be minimized but cannot be moved or resized. User may click anywhere in the client area for screen refreshing.
    • If user loads a new database into MBrowser, Query is only enabled if there is at least one of the database FeX / AFEX modules present under C:\MUVIS\ folder or nearby the application. The missing FeX/ AFEX modules (if any) are notified to user and will have no effect on Query even if user enables them manually.
    • MUVIS Setup programs can also be used for uninstalling. So if there exists a previous version of MUVIS application installed on the system, first run Setup_XXX.exe to uninstall and the re-run to setup this new version.
    • To enable MPEG4 simple profile codecs usage, User should install one/all of the available MPEG4 VCM drivers such as DivX and XviD. They can be downloaded from www.divx.com and www.xvid.org.
    • To enable H264 (AVC) codec usage. User should install one of the available X264 codec. They can be downloaded from http://www.free-codecs.com/download/x264_Video_Codec.htm

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