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    Current state-of-the-art multimedia compliant mobile phones equipped with digital cameras and camcorders have inherent support for networking and thus, enable, access to wealth of digital media. Therefore the problem in no longer the availability and access to digital media but rather finding the useful media items among the plethora of material on the net. Thus there is a need for content management tools and systems to support fast retrieval of digital media items from large archives.

    Unfortunately, these mobile devices are using vendor specific operating systems, which makes it hard to provide a generic solution for all mobile devices. Hopefully, most of the modern mobile devices support Java. Therefore our implementation is done in Java for the client application and will have an adaptive GUI so it can adapt to the hardware characteristics of each device. Furthermore, the framework will take into considerations the network capabilities when performing the query posing and result results communication.

    For the distributed database queries, the proposed framework will be client-server framework, where the client (as a Java application) runs on the mobile device and the server runs on the PC where the metadata resides while the digital items archive will be distributed on several machines or locations.
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