MBrowser is the primary and only MUVIS application that is used for multimedia browsing and retrieval within a MUVIS database. It is a powerful multimedia terminal, which supports database visual/aural rendering, browsing, retrieval via "query by example", video summarisation, etc.

Basic Features
  • Main media viewer, browser and retrieval application.
  • Supports all MUVIS databases and image and video types.
  • Supports 5 levels of video display hierarchy:
    - Single frame
    - Shot frames
    - Scene frames
    - Partial video (ROI)
    - Entire video
  • Enables video summarization through shot and scene frameSupports queries based on multiple features by linear interpolation with user-defined weights. Lists existing feature parameters of the active database.
  • 3 Browsing Types: Random, Sequential, HCT. Lists existing feature parameters of the active database.
  • Supports user-friendly media browsing environment.
  • Enables video summarization through shot and scene frames.
  • 4 Query Schemes:TLQ,Sequential PQ , PQ over HCT, NQ
  • Region-of-interest (ROI) video handling and query options.
  • Supports cross querying of video clips, images and frames. Supports Fex & AFeX framework that aural/visual feature extraction modules can be used in run-time.
  • GUI support for segmentation masks of images and video clips.
  • GUI support for Shot Boundaries (SBs) and Key-frames (KFs) of video clips.

First download and then Run "Setup MBrowser v1.8.exe" file.


It is recommended to install MPEG-4 SP codecs such as DivX and XviD from and
For more information, hints and tips, read MBrowser Quick Reference manual.

MBrowser v1.8 Snapshots
PQ Operation Control

HCT Operation Control

Sample PQ Retrievals

SEGmentation and Shot Boundary Dialogs active during a PQ instance

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Release Date: 01.03.2006
Last Update: 10.09.2013
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